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30 General Virtualization-VMware ESX 3.5 and Vsphere Interview Questions

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Interview1> What are the major differences between ESX 3.5 and Vsphere?
2> What is the procedure to upgrade from ESX 3.5 to Vsphere?
3> Will HA and DRS work if Vcenter goes down?
5> What is Vmotion?
6> What are the prerequisites to enable Vmotion?
7> Where do configure Vmotion-- Cluster Level, Host level....?
6> What are port groups?
7> How many default ports are created on installation of ESX 3.5?
6> What is default port number for iSCSI?
8> What are templates?
9> What are differences between convert to template and clone to a template options, for a VM?
10> What could be the maximum host failure in a cluster?
11> what is the difference between Vsphere( VI Client) client and Vcenter ?
12> What are the requirements to install Vcenter?
13> What is minimum hardware configurations to install Vcenter?
14> When you deploy 10 Virtual Machines from a template, and power up all the Virtual Machines simultaneously, will there be a IP conflict?
If yes how to resolve this | What if DHCP server is disabled | Are there anything we can do to prevent an ip conflict on deploying Virtual machines?
15> What is Service Console? Why do you need Service Console?
16> Does service console work on Linux OS?
17> What is VMkernel? Is Vmkernel based on Linux ?
18> What are different interfaces available to access an ESX host?
19> When you access an ESX Host through VCenter or VI client, does it contact service console or Vmkernel?
20> Are the changes we make through Vcenter or VI client, on service console or VMkernel?
21> What is difference between accessing an Host VI client and Vcenter?
22> What do you mean be resource pools? explain
23> What is NIC teaming, explain in brief the options it provides?
24> What are different types of Conversations?
25> What do you mean by consolidate backup?
26> What are the disaster recovery options available in Vsphere or ESX 3.5?
27> what is Thin Provisioning?
29> What are the maximum number of extents that can added to a LUN?
30> What is DPM, DRS, VMotion and HA ?
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