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3. Unix Interview Questions

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Unix Interview Questions:

1. whats $# in a shell script
2. whats a $* in shell script
3. Explain nohup with an example
4. If $1 is the first parameter, whats $0
5. How do you see the return code of the last executed command
6. Explain Cron with an example
7. what is rsync
8. Whats the advantage of using ssh over telnet?
9. Have you used vi? provide example of searching an expression across multiple files (say *.sh) from within vi
10. How can i find all /tmp/*.zip and move them to, say, /home/to_examine (assuming the target already exists?)
11. Whats the kill command used for? Whats the difference between kill and kill -9
12. Whats the "nice" command used for
13. Provide a regular expression for searching email addresses within a script file
14. Compare /etc/fstab and /etc/mtab
15. What do you know of inodes?
16. Compare Unix FS with, say, Windows/DOS FS
17. Does UNIX FS require defraging? If yes, whats the command. If no, why? ;-)
18. How do you redirect std error to std output?
19. whats the command line for listing the names of the 10 biggest files under /home/
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