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Windows 7

Using rtmpdump to download video streams

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Using rtmpdump to download video streams

Dump RTMP URL with a Sniffer or Tool like Streamtransport

Example URL:



'save target as' the only option I get is to save the file in Firefox Document format (url.htm)

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When I try to download a file by 'save target as' the only option I get is to save the file in Firefox Document format ( url.htm ). Why is that happening?!

Why is Firefox saving all files in "firefox document" format?

Everything works good, except that problem with Firefox. That feature is working fine in Internet Explorer.


The links on the Google


Physical Memory Limits: Windows 7

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Physical Memory Limits: Windows 7

The following table specifies the limits on physical memory for Windows 7.

VersionLimit on X86Limit on X64
Windows 7 Ultimate

4 GB

192 GB

Windows 7 Enterprise

4 GB

192 GB

Windows 7 Professional

4 GB

192 GB

Windows 7 Home Premium

4 GB

16 GB

Windows 7 Home Basic

4 GB

8 GB

Windows 7 Starter

2 GB



How to restore the Windows Vista or 7 bootloader?

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How to restore the Windows Vista or 7 bootloader?

To restore the Windows Vista/7 bootloader, you must first boot off your Windows Vista/7 installation DVD.

When you get to the Regional settings, select your Location/Keyboard setting then click next. On the next page you must click on "Repair your computer."

On the next page, if it finds your Windows Vista/7 installation, make sure it is UNSELECTED before clicking next.
Then click on "Command prompt". From there, type in the folowing:

Using GUI to script PowerShell with PowerGUI

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Taking a look at PowerGUI, used to create Microsoft PowerShell scripts by using a GUI interface. This tool is perfect for Windows Admins who are new to scripting or just do not feel comfortable with the PowerShell command line.

Recently I was watching the new Train Signal vSphere Pro video training course covering using PowerCLI and PowerShell with VMware vSphere. This course is taught by Microsoft PowerShell MVP, Hal Rottenberg (of From this course, I learned a lot about PowerShell and was excited at the thought of being able to create some myself. Sure, you can just run the PowerShell command prompt in Windows. That is easy to do but, to any new user, it is very intimidating. Recently, I came across PowerGUI, a graphical PowerShell Editor and that is what I will be covering in this article.

Last Updated on Monday, 07 June 2010 09:11

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