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"Get Certified free of cost" - IT Certification Program Directorate of Information Technology KPK

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Due to faster and modern change of world the need of new technology grows. This project will offer a comprehensive career certification program for individuals of IT education and skill levels. IT certifications are rigorously developed, globally accredited and easily transferable between industry and other firms. IT certifications are not based on one specific methodology, A certified professionals can make a flexible, adaptable, and easily transferring way between industries, market segments, and locales.

IT Professional certificates holders proves awareness of changing processes, terminology, and best practices in the fields. Certifications build self-confidence it means increased job security and credibility in the current position. Certification opens the door to numerous career opportunities, many leading Organizations welcomes individuals having certification.

Certification helps validate that an individual has the comprehensive set of skills necessary to perform a particular job role, such as database, network administrator or enterprise messaging administrator.


Getting certified the candidates will be capable of deploying, building, designing, optimizing, and operating technologies for a particular job role. They make the design and technology decisions necessary to ensure successful technology implementation projects. 63% of hiring managers think that certified individuals are more productive on the job. Training and certification are necessary to maintain a high level of performance. Research shows that certification is a value to every organization.
Last Updated on Friday, 09 March 2012 12:26

How to delete configuration of Cisco 2950/2960 switch?

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Refresh/Delete all configuration of CSICO 2950 switch:

#erase startup-configuration

#delete flash:vlan.dat





Discount Value of Cisco CCENT and CCNA Certification Exam Vouchers Increases

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Discount Value of Cisco CCENT and CCNA Certification Exam Vouchers Increases

Cisco continues to make strong investments in its certification and training program to meet the growing demand for skilled and qualified networking professionals. To facilitate growth, maintain competitiveness, and standardize exam pricing, Cisco has increased the standardized global prices for the following Cisco certification exams, effective January 16, 2012:
  • Cisco CCNA Composite exam (640-802)
  • ICND1 (640-822) – Cisco CCENT certification exam
  • ICND2 (640-816)

Admissions Open: CCNA Exploration, CCNA Exploration + Security, CCNP Route

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CCNA Exploration (Academy Track)
CCNA Exploration + Security
(Non-Academy Track)
CCNP Route
(Non-Academy Track)



Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 January 2012 13:11

Admissions Open: CCNA / CCNP

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AD-thumbCCNA Exploration (Academy Track) / CCNP Non-Academy Track: 

" The Cisco CCNA® Exploration curriculum provides a comprehensive overview of networking; from fundamentals to advanced applications and services. It is based on a top-down approach to networking that is popular in many colleges and universities. This course emphasizes theoretical concepts and practical application, while  providing opportunities for students to gain the skills and hands-on experience needed to design, install, operate, and maintain networks in small-to-medium businesses, as well as enterprise and service provider environments.

CCNA Exploration offers in-depth theory, challenging labs, and a detailed overview of protocol operations. It is designed for students with advanced problem-solving and analytical skills, such as degree candidates in engineering, math, or science, or for working professionals who would like to advance their careers or gain certification. CCNA Exploration was designed to be integrated into technology curricula or continuing education programs at postsecondary institutions such as technical schools, colleges, and universities."

Last Updated on Tuesday, 27 September 2011 06:41

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