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Important Interview Questions about Routers, Routing, and Routing Protocols

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InterviewBasic but very important Interview Questions about Routers, Routing, &  Routing Protocols.

  • Can you explain the concept of PDU, Segments, Datagram, Frame and packet?
  • What is IP datagram fragmentation and MTU?
  • Can you explain in detail with example how data fragmentation works?
  • Larger the IP datagram less the overhead, is it true or false?
  • What is the minimum size of MTU bytes?
  • Can you explain how optimal MTU size is calculated?
  • How does the IP message finally reassemble?
  • Can you explain the concept of Repeaters, Hubs, Bridges, Switches and Routers?
  • On what layers do router , switched , bridges and hubs operate ?
  • Can you explain the concept of Layer 3 switches?

36 Basic Networking Interview Questions

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InterviewBasic Networking Interview Questions (That You MUST Answer)

  • Can you define protocol?
  • Can you explain the concept of OSI layer?
  • Can you explain the different layers in OSI model?
  • Can you explain Application layer in OSI model?
  • Can you explain Presentation layer in OSI model?
  • Is it compulsory that compression, encryption and translation functions will be used during communication?
  • Can you explain Session layer in OSI model?
  • What's the concept of Simplex, Half Duplex and Full Duplex dialogs?
  • What are the different types of dialogs in Session layer?
  • Can you explain Transport layer in OSI model?
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DHCP Server - Core Interview Questions and Answers

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dhcp_stepsDHCP Server - Core Interview Questions and Answers

Define DHCP process.

DHCP Discovery:
The client broadcasts on the local physical subnet to find available servers. Network administrators can configure a local router to forward DHCP packets to a DHCP server on a different subnet. This client-implementation creates a UDP packet with the broadcast
destination of or subnet broadcast address and also requests its last-known IP address (in the example below, although the server may ignore this optional parameter....

DHCP Offers:
When a DHCP server receives an IP lease request from a client, it extends an IP lease offer.
This is done by reserving an IP address for the client and broadcasting a DHCPOFFER message across the network. This


DHCP Server - 27 Interview Questions and Answers

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dhcp_stepsDHCP Server Interview Questions and Answers

1. What is DHCP?
DHCP stands for "Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol".

2.What is DHCP's purpose?
DHCP's purpose is to enable individual computers on an IP network to extract their configurations from a server (the 'DHCP server') or servers, in particular, servers that have no exact information about the individual computers until they request the information. The overall purpose of this is to reduce the work necessary to administer a large IP network. The most significant piece of
information distributed in this manner is the IP address.

3. Can DHCP work with AppleTalk or IPX?
No, it is too tied to IP. Furthermore, they don't need it since they have always had automated mechanisms for assigning their own


1. Networking Interview Questions and Answers

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Networking Interview Questions and Answers :

1. What is an Object server?

With an object server, the Client/Server application is written as a set of communicating objects. Client object communicate with server objects using an Object Request Broker (ORB). The client invokes a method on a remote object. The ORB locates an instance of that object server class, invokes the requested method and returns the results to the client object. Server objects must provide support for concurrency and sharing. The ORB brings it all together.

2. What is a Transaction server?

With a transaction server, the client invokes remote procedures that reside on the server with an SQL database engine. These remote procedures on the server execute a group of SQL statements.


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